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Real Estate Accounting

Remaining profitable through economic shifts is easier when you partner with a firm that understands real estate accounting and tax services. McGrone Tax & Accounting financial strategies for  property managers, architects, structural engineers, and other real estate businesses are a result of years of experience working closely with clients in your industry.

We know how to help you minimize risk and remain profitable through economic shifts. We firmly believe in learning about the daily operations of your business in order to provide the real estate accounting services that will best meet your needs.

We can take over routine bookkeeping functions including payroll or assist with industry specific services like cost segregation and 1031 exchanges. Whatever services you request, we’ll be sure to keep you informed through regular financial statements you can use to control costs and monitor cash flow. We’ll also implement tax planning techniques designed to reduce your tax liability and avoid any types of transactions that could attract an IRS audit.

Over 80% of the tax returns we review contain errors or missed opportunities.

This can cost real estate investors thousands in taxes over the years. Many tax preparers aren’t experts on real estate tax codes. When it comes time to file your returns, our team of expert real estate tax preparers won’t make critical mistakes that cost you money. Each tax return we prepare goes through three levels of review to ensure everything is filed accurately and you’re not missing deductions or opportunities to reduce your tax liability.

Real Estate Accounting

Don’t leave your tax returns to just any CPA! Here’s why.. Real estate tax preparation is complex.